Recreated cSA  Ammunition box donated to Columbus Naval Museum & Donated in 2013.

Confederate Standards for Company F, 17th South Carolina October 1862 to May, 1865


By order of preference.

Charleston Depot pattern.
Documented Frock coats with or without Infantry piping
 Richmond Depot pattern shell jacket Type II
 North Carolina pattern shell jacket
Civilian jacket

Buttons ‑ Wooden, Federal Eagle, Block I, Script I,  SC buttons for officers.


1. Military issue style

2. Civilian style

Suspenders of civilian pattern, cotton webbing, canvas, or ticking with either button holes or leather tips with tin or brass buckles (no nickel plated metal).


Documented civilian or military pattern in wool or cotton, flannel or muslin.


Military issue or civilian style in cotton or wool flannel if worn


1. Infantry Kepi  (Charleston, NC or Richmond Depot pattern)

2. Citizen Hat, any usual period color.

3. Straw wide brimmed plantation style

(Hats should have as appropriate the proper sweatband, lining, ribbon, and stitching.   Trim and insignia should be limited. Forage caps and Union caps are not allowed.  Also no Wheel, Scottish, Mechanics, Hillbilly, Cowboy, Fedora or any other hats outside of the standards will be accepted.)


Jefferson brogan pattern shoes.

b. English imported shoes

c. Other military pattern shoes

Wool or cotton knit socks in white, a basic color, or natural color.


Civilian style, 100% wool, woven blankets in natural.
Confederate issue/North Carolina Blanket
Union issue blanket  

Gum blankets/ground cloth:

Oil cloth, painted canvas, or captured Federal issue gum blanket.